3 Key Areas For Home Renovations: Direct your home reno dollars effectively.

Spending your renovation dollars where they will do the most good is often a difficult decision. Each of us has our own unique and personal style. We may project a restrained, flamboyant or energetic persona and that permeates everything that we do in our life. This includes how we decorate our homes.

In order to understand what buyers are looking for in a home, begin looking at other properties. Check out open houses in order to see what you truly look for in a home. Keep detailed lists about the homes you look, with pro’s and con’s about each of the properties.

When you review the lists, and take notes about the common areas of importance on your list and will see some glaringly obvious results. In most cases three areas of importance overrides all other areas. In no particular order these are,

  1. Curb Appeal or what your home looks from the street
  2. Kitchens.
  3. Bathrooms

Curb Appeal is often the most difficult of these three areas to improve. It is complex and involves more than just a coat to paint. Landscaping is one of the common elements that can allow your home to stand out against the crowded field of homes for sale. By adding colour to gardens, framing entrances with greenery you create a warm and more welcoming façade.

Upon closer inspection of the exterior façade buyers should be clean, with fresh caulking around windows and doors, exterior lighting should be in good repair and paint should appear smooth, clean and freshly applied. Attention to the smallest detail will help when presenting your homes exterior for sale. Remember you never get a second chance to make a first impression.

The Kitchen is the room that families tend to congregate in together as a group. We meet there to eat, have discussions, make plans and prepare meals. The kitchen is the hub of your homes activity. This is why when you are looking for a new home; the kitchen is often one of the deciding factors when you make the decision to buy.

Changing dated cabinetry and hardware will make the home feel more modern and well kept. Updated appliances and lighting will appeal to a wider range of potential homebuyers. Finally your kitchens flooring when changed will be more durable and free of damage. Updating the kitchen also gives you the opportunity to make the space more functional. A kitchens versatility and ability to be easily used is essential to a quick sale.

Finally Bathrooms are often overlooked during the home renovation process. The focus tends to extend to flooring and lighting. However when you walk into a bathroom with pastel fixtures and gold taps you almost want to chuckle at the absurdity of it all. Bathroom fixtures have become more sleek and modern. Homebuyers expect a degree of modernity in a home and the bathroom is an area that it is expect.

By applying your home renovation dollars to these areas first you give yourself the best chance of a quick sale. By all means if you have a surplus of renovation funds, do the whole house from flooring to ceiling. But by focusing on key elements, being attentive to details, you can drastically improve the dollar value and saleability of your home.