Planning–The Untouchables

The title may not cover this topic adequately, but the point I was trying to make with this last planning article is that there are going to be some items that we cannot change or do not want to change. An example of this may be that you have moved into an existing home with an existing sprinkler system and a yard of just grass. You will therefore need to consider the existing sprinkler system as you put together landscaping plan. Are you willing to do some serious digging and work in order to change the sprinkler arrangement, or are you going to work with the existing setup. Assuming you are going to work with the existing sprinkler layout you will need to figure out how to approach it. Do you stay with the existing sprinkler head type, or do you change that as well?

You may find that you can work with the existing sprinkler system exactly as it is if you are willing to be flexible. Some points to keep in mind with your plan are things such as how much water do certain plants require. For example, you will probably not want to put a cactus garden where the prinkler spray lands. Depending on the cactus you may be able to put it on the outer edge or where the sprinkler sprays over it. You may also be able to adjust the sprinkler spray.

You will probably find that some areas of your yard require more sprinkler time than others because of drying winds or shade. Keep this in mind as you plan the placement of your plants.

You may be able to use your existing sprinkler arrangement to your advantage depend on the type of pond that you design and the plants you put around it. If your climate is pretty dry you may be able to use your sprinklers to keep your pond at the right water level. If you have to water a little heavier at some times, the pond could overflow a bit, but if you plant correctly around it those plants will like it.

Another thought is neighbors. I don’t know about you, but I am hearing more and more about unreasonable neighbors and covenants. I have some friends that bought a home in an area in which they are not allowed to build fences, which to me would be unacceptable. I just wouldn’t have bought a house there. But one of their neighbors is trying to tell them what they can and cannot do in their yard. To me its a case of keep your nose out of my business. But it is something that you should at least take into consideration: How does what you do in your yard affect your neighbors?