How to Grow a Bountiful Garden on a Budget

It is true that gardening and growing your own foodstuff can save you money. This is because farm produce can be costly out there in the market. If you really have a fixed budget and want a bountiful garden, there is a way of doing it. This article outlines some effective ways on how to grow your garden on a budget.

First of all, you need to very resourceful. It is not necessarily that you purchase new gardening equipment in order to get started. Instead, you can shop around to find used equipment and this will enable you save money. For instance, you can get cheap scraps of chicken wire or bed frames to use in your garden. In case you do not have posts to use in the garden, consider using old tire.

Secondly, you have to relate well with your neighbors. This is good because you can borrow gardening tools from the neighborhood. Check whether they have extra tools, such as rakes, hoes or even shovel that they can lend you. As a way of encouraging them, you can promise to share some of your bounties come harvest time. You may also decide to trade share with your neighbors whereby they grow one variety of crop and you grow another then trade your harvest.

Thirdly, you can consider making your own compost manure for feeding your garden. Consider putting kitchen scraps and worms in a small container and seal it. If you do not have a lot of outdoor space for keeping a huge bin, just use a small container and keep it inside the kitchen. The compost manure is not only rich for your plants, but also gives the best results since it is free from pesticides.

Again, do not increase your water bill. Instead, you should consider collecting the rainwater in big collecting tanks to use it to water your garden. Rain water is available in spring and you can take advantage of this in order to save on water bill. Although it may not be adequate to take you through the gardening season, but it can at least reduce the costs.

Also, you need to use vinegar to keep away the weeds in your garden. You do not have to use expensive herbicides to eliminate weeds. Spraying weeds directly using distilled vinegar works miracles. Be careful when spraying vinegar as it can kill some of the plants in your garden. A good way to keep away cats and other types of pests out of your garden is by sticking orange peels near your plants.

In addition, consider looking for other cheap ways to get planting seeds. The best way is to buy them online at discounted prices. Also, you can have a friend or neighbor who has saved them from last season. Approach them to see if they can share some with you. There are also seed swapping groups both online and locally, which can be of great help. Do a bit of research to get those gardeners who may be willing to help you get started. These are great tips on growing a bountiful garden on budget.